January 2022 - GOTM - Mammillaria (Cochemia)

January 2017 - Genus of the Month - Lepismium
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January 2022 - GOTM - Mammillaria (Cochemia)

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Let's see if there is any other comment to this month's POTM!

It's good to see Mammillaria mazatlanensis as POTM, I find it an attractive species.
My own plant at times may produce either straight or hooked centrals.

It recently spent a few years over-wintering in a cold frame, which it survived but didn't seem to enjoy.
I'm treating it better this winter and hoping to persuade it to grow and flowering with more enthusiasm this year.
I don't have any other Cochemia species, but is seems straightforward to grow, so a good starting point for the (sub)genus.
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Re: January 2022 - GOTM - Mammillaria (Cochemia)

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